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1996   Movies                       

$$$ -Top Movie Money Makers
Independence Day $306,169,255    (VHS) (DVD)
Twister $241,708,908    (VHS) (DVD)
Mission: Impossible $180,937,468    (VHS) (DVD)
Jerry Maguire $153,620,822    (VHS) (DVD)
Ransom $136,480,612    (VHS) (DVD)
101 Dalmatians $136,200,000    (VHS) (DVD)
The Rock $134,069,511    (VHS) (DVD)
The Nutty Professor $128,794,050    (VHS) (DVD)
The Birdcage $123,986,682    (VHS) (DVD)
A Time to Kill $108,700,000    (VHS) (DVD)
The First Wives Club $105,400,000    (VHS) (DVD)
Phenomenon $104,600,000    (VHS) (DVD)
Scream $103,000,000    (VHS) (DVD)
Eraser $101,283,031    (VHS) (DVD)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame $100,100,000    (VHS) (DVD)

Other New Movie Releases
12 Monkeys   (VHS) (DVD)
Broken Arrow   (VHS) (DVD)
Courage Under Fire   (VHS) (DVD)
Evita   (VHS) (DVD)
Executive Decision   (VHS) (DVD)
Fargo   (VHS) (DVD)
Marvin's Room   (VHS) (DVD)
Sleepers   (VHS) (DVD)
Sling Blade   (VHS) (DVD)
The Crucible   (VHS)  
The English Patient   (VHS) (DVD)

Academy Awards
Best Actor:  Geoffrey Rush: Shine   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Actress:  Frances McDormand: Fargo   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Director:  Anthony Minghella: The English Patient   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Picture:  Saul Zaentz: The English Patient   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Supporting Actor:  Cuba Gooding Jr.: Jerry Maguire   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Supporting Actress:  Juliette Binoche: The English Patient   (VHS) (DVD)

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