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1999   Movies                       

$$$ -Top Movie Money Makers
The Phantom Menace $431,065,444    (VHS) (DVD)
The Sixth Sense $293,501,675    (VHS) (DVD)
Toy Story 2 $245,823,397    (VHS) (DVD)
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me $205,957,794    (VHS) (DVD)
The Matrix $171,383,253    (VHS) (DVD)
Tarzan $171,071,889    (VHS) (DVD)
Big Daddy $163,479,795    (VHS) (DVD)
The Mummy $155,247,825    (VHS) (DVD)
Runaway Bride $152,149,590    (VHS) (DVD)
The Blair Witch Project $140,530,114    (VHS) (DVD)
Stuart Little $140,015,224    (VHS) (DVD)
The Green Mile $136,801,374    (VHS) (DVD)
American Beauty $130,058,047    (VHS) (DVD)
The World Is Not Enough $126,930,660    (VHS) (DVD)
Double Jeopardy $116,735,231    (VHS) (DVD)
Notting Hill $116,089,678    (VHS) (DVD)
Wild Wild West $113,805,681    (VHS) (DVD)
Analyze This $106,823,373    (VHS) (DVD)
The General's Daughter $102,678,089    (VHS) (DVD)
American Pie $101,736,215    (VHS) (DVD)
Sleepy Hollow $101,068,340    (VHS) (DVD)

Other New Movie Releases
Being John Malkovich   (VHS) (DVD)
Bicentennial Man   (VHS) (DVD)
Entrapment   (VHS) (DVD)
Fight Club   (VHS) (DVD)
For The Love of the Game   (VHS) (DVD)
Hard Rain   (VHS) (DVD)
Pushing Tin   (VHS) (DVD)
The Bone Collector   (VHS) (DVD)
The Corruptor   (VHS) (DVD)
The Insider   (VHS) (DVD)
The Thomas Crown Affair   (VHS) (DVD)
Three Kings   (VHS) (DVD)

Academy Awards
Best Actor:  Kevin Spacey: American Beauty    (VHS) (DVD)
Best Actress:  Hilary Swank: Boys Don't Cry    (VHS) (DVD)
Best Director:  Sam Mendes: American Beauty    (VHS) (DVD)
Best Picture:  Universal: American Beauty    (VHS) (DVD)
Best Supporting Actor:  Michael Caine: The Cider House Rules    (VHS) (DVD)
Best Supporting Actress:  Angelina Jolie: Girl Interrupted    (VHS) (DVD)

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